Our Story

Our story is truly "everyone's story," as we are all affected by mental health. If not ourselves, someone close to us is diagnosed with or has faced something that has caused depression, anxiety, trauma, feeling isolated or alone, an identity crisis, lack of confidence, and life changes that can seem life-shattering. In looking at the world today, nothing is normal. Things change. People change. The world has changed.

When Covid hit, an unsuspecting pandemic caused mental health concerns to ascend. Suicide has reached record numbers among the youth. People were isolated, dealing with their mental health, losing loved ones, and fearing the unknown, which heavily impacted society. Some try to manage or hide their mental health diagnosis as though shameful—when it is not. Life is ever-evolving, and we have to adapt and change. New problems need new solutions.

We are in a mental health epidemic, and what affects one affects all. To help others survive and get through those difficulties, we must be more caring, vigilant of one another, and help people trust again and count on those who care about them. Suppose we can connect through more direct and honest communication, acknowledging mental health rather than labeling or judging people. It will allow us to help others be more willing and unashamed to work toward managing or ascending from a place of darkness before it's too late. 

Our cards are created to begin or continue those conversations in an honest and healthy way with your child, spouse, loved one, family, friend, co-worker, colleagues, athletes, college students, and anyone who needs you to see them. The commonality of mental health diagnoses is that people feel alone. A beautifully designed card acknowledging that you see them and are here to support them can be the difference. We believe MentalHealthCards.com can create a human connection to have a much-needed dialogue and acknowledgment of what is vital to the wellbeing of those we care about—and humanity.

Statement about Mental Health Cards and being compassionate, even when someone does not understand a mental health diagnosis.

About the Cards

We never know the depths of what someone is going through, regardless of how close we are to them. Situations can become magnified for those with a mental health diagnosis, and things grow dark. Our responsibility is to be gentler with our words and kinder in our actions. We can start the conversation with a mental health card that speaks directly to them. We must be proactive by removing judgment, especially of what we don't understand or perhaps have not experienced. 

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Quote about supporting others with mental health challenges with encouragement and support, without judgment.

Why Our Cards

Our mental health cards can help you connect on a critical level and show you are thinking about them and that they are not alone. They can validate their feelings and communicate that you are proud of them for fighting. They express what is difficult to say while leaving strong and remarkable sentiments to penetrate those dark or difficult moments with light.

We aim to create a lasting spark of hope. 

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